• August 3

    Amore Skin

    Amor Skin Cream is a new cream with anti-aging properties that is designed to treat aging signs - athletic greens on the skin, including the eye area like dark circles under eyes and crow's feet. The product works to revitalize and rejuvenate the look of your skin by targeting its cells. There is no complete information about its ingredients on the official website of the company, however, it includes positive feedback from quasi users of this product. Unfortunately, these testimonials seem to be fake ones. The company behind this cream is called Amore Pacific. It has had its business in Corona, California since 1945. Beside Amor Skin Cream, Amore Pacific also offers other products.

    Amore Skin Brightening Face Cream can be used to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. This age-defying skincare cream can be applied to your neck, face, and hands. The formula contains collagen peptides which are promised to brighten the look of your skin, restore its radiance and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. However, this product does not treat all of the aspects of the aging process. Amore Pacific is not a very reputable company even though it produces other products of the kind too. Its official is low-informative and does .

    Does It Have Any Side Effects?

    The manufacturer of Amore Skin cream says nothing about possible side effects and allergic reactions associated with the use of this product. However, this does not mean that it is a completely safe cream. There is some mentioning about clinical trials which have been made on some ingredients of the product, but they are not constitutive enough to conclude that the product is free from side effects. The Brightening Amore Skin Cream is not completely supported by clinical trials. Thus, the product cannot be trusted to the fullest.

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  • July 10

    BioMuscle XR

    BioMuscle XR is a dietary supplement that is claimed to speed up the muscle growth and to offer you more benefits from your workouts. The product is made by a company called BioMuscle XR. The official website contains a contacted phone number and email. There are a lot of complaints related to the company called Fulfillment Center which has the same address.

    The supplement offers a trial but the number of orders is limited to 250 trials per day. You will have to pay $6 fee for shipping. At the same time you can find quite many negative reviews about the supplement online. BioMuscle XR official website claims that the product includes natural ingredients without any fillers but whether it is really so we will learn further.

    Does It Have Any Side Effects?

    The manufacturer of BioMuscle XR does not mention any side effects of the supplement but as real users claim they exist quite often. The first one is acne which can be caused by the increased amounts of hormones. A person can become a gym addict. The official website contains many rave reviews written by supposedly satisfied users. There are even before and after photos. As these reviews seemed to be doubtful I decided to search around for true testimonials and reviews on third party websites, for instance, Yahoo Answers, Bodybuilding, and some forums, but most of these "reviews" were just a ridiculously bad way to advertise the supplement. However, I succeeded to find a few objective testimonials. Here are some of them.

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  • June 22

    Ingredients of Diabazole

    The manufacturer of the product provides only an incomplete list of the components contained in it. Let us try to understand whether Diabazole is a legitimate supplement. It includes the following ingredients: Berberine, Turmeric, Piperine and Curcumin. Only berberine has some clinical support. According to some data, this ingredient may slightly decrease blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. It is necessary to take at least 1,000-1,500mg of Barberine a day to experience positive effect. Unfortunately, it is unknown how much of this ingredient is contained in this medication.

    Turmeric is another component of Diabazole. In fact, it is the major spice in curry. Many people believe that it may reduce inflammation and pain, however, this property has not been scientifically proven. No other benefits of turmeric are related to diabetes. Another ingredient is Piperine which is also known as black pepper extract). In fact, it is an additional component the function of which is to help the body to absorb the other Diabazole ingredients.

    Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. It helps to stop the damage of blood vessels caused by diabetes in patients with this condition. It also helps to prevent different complications of the illness, including chronic heart failure, kidney disease and eye diseases. Another ingredient in the supplement is Vitamin E (tocopherol) that is believed to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attack. It also decreases diabetes symptoms and helps control glucose levels in blood.

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  • May 25

    Ingredients of Fierce Pills

    As it was already mentioned, the manufacturer of this male enhancement supplement does not mention any ingredients used in it, but it is only mentioned that the product works by boosting testosterone production with the help of some ingredients. Testosterone is responsible for proper blood flow, better supply of body cells with nutrients and minerals. This is important for your erections and muscles. Fierce Pills promise to improve the quality of erections, increase sex drive, and an ability to grow muscles when you work out. The supplement also prevents premature ejaculation, increase the pleasure and intenseness during sex. The problem of lack of stamina will also be addressed.

    Fierce Pills manufacturer seems to keep in secret the full list of the ingredients used in the supplement. But, you probably want to make sure that you are going to consume effective, safe and high-quality ingredients. The product is said not to contain any chemicals, fillers, or low-quality substances. However, this claim is not proven by any evidence. The same can be said about the natural character of the ingredients. After making a thorough research of the topic, I found out that the active ingredients in Fierce Pills include Saw Palmetto, Tongkat Ali, Mucuna Gigantea, L-Arginine, Pandax Ginseng, Lepidium Meyenii, Epimedium, Polypodium Vulare.

    Saw Palmetto is claimed to increase testosterone levels, but there is lack of evidence supporting this statement. Mucuna Gigantea is used an aphrodisiac, but webmd.com does not mention any benefits of this compound for the male sexual health. Tongkat Ali is used to boost sex drive and to increase testosterone levels. However, according to webmd.com, there is insufficient evidence for its effectiveness for increasing testosterone production and interest in sex. This ingredient can hardly improve athletic performance and muscle strength. There is no evidence to back up the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali in solving problems with achieving an erection.

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